Friday, April 22, 2011

iPhone capable Track the Location of Users

It turns out, the iPhone secretly records the movements of their users wherever they go.

apple iphone
This popular gadget of Apple records every detail of the movement of users into a confidential file which located in the handset and then copied into the user's computer when synchronized.

This file contains information such as latitude, longitude, coordinates and the time recorded by iPhone.

That means, anyone who steals an iPhone or computer of the user can find the detailed movements of the owner simply by using a simple program.

This report was submitted by a security researcher named Pete Warden. He said, for some phones, this possibility has been going on for a year, considering the ability to record data seems since the presence of the IOS 4 update which was released in June 2010 ago.

"At first, we do not believe the amount of data used by iPhone users. After we examine more deeply and visualize the data used, we found a detail which scary," said Alisdari Allan and Peter Warden who previously worked at Apple's data division.

"Apple allowed almost anyone can access your phone and your computer to get the detail information wherever you go, just iPhone only that record the user's location in this way" he said, quoted by The Guardian.

During his research, he was never found another handset that also do the same. Interestingly, the data stored in the iPhone can be accessed by anyone, provided that iPhone was connected with other computer. It's only need to have a keyword for that iPhone.

"In my opinion, this is something that should be known by all users. That feature should be activated only after obtaining of explicitly user consent,"he concluded.

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