Sunday, March 6, 2011

Apple's iPhone Prepare to Launch on Low Price

iphone 3G browsing internetApple's iPhone is reportedly preparing to launch a cheaper version of the regular iPhone.
According to a Bloomberg report, the iPhone will have a size smaller than usual size of the iPhone. Therefore, he will have the name iPhone Mini.
Posture iPhone Mini is, the amount of two-thirds the size of the current iPhone. Of course, the price will be cheaper than before, which is about U.S. $ 200.
As quoted from PCWorld, Mini iPhone handset will use a dual SIM card that enables it to walk on two networks, GSM and CDMA. In addition, this phone also does not have the Home button as in the previous iPhone.Apple's move is an effort to compete with their smart phones Google Android platform at a low price.

"Not content with targeting the 25 percent mobile phone market, Apple is now the middle of chasing 100 percent mobile market share," said Charlie's World, an analyst with Needham & Co..
Source Bloomberg said, Apple plans to launch the iPhone Mini is in mid-2011

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