Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Google Making CDMA Smartphone?

Working together with Google's open opportunity to sell Samsung CDMA smartphone in China.

google nexus
Google introduced a smartphone second, Google Nexus S, as a successor Google Nexus One, last December. Although rushed, newer smartphone Google it successfully launched before year-end holiday season.

Recently, rumors circulated that said Google was preparing CDMA smartphone. Although many CDMA-based Android smartphone in the market, it appears that giant Mountain View was optimistic with the CDMA market and would not stay long trapped in the GSM camp.

Until now, there are no signs that could be strong evidence that Google will release a CDMA version of the Nexus S. Google is still reluctant to open his mouth. Rumors just emerged from the face of websites Sprint Nextel, the giant CDMA operator from the United States, changed. And, the rumor that continues to grow wide. Google still has not responded.

On the web page was posted a notice that Google's Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, will soon be available in the near future.

No further details related to the availability of Nexus S version of  . It's all at once strengthen another rumor that says that Google is opening up to Verizon Wireless and not only is working with Sprint Nextel exclusively. The cooperation with Samsung even Google could open up opportunities to sell CDMA smartphones in China.

If Google only change the GSM network to CDMA, it could be Google's specifications and features of Nexus S remain the same. If true, then about Google CDMA smartphone specifications are as follows


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