Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Motorola Will Offer a Xoom to Google

Motorola XoomSMARTPHONE - In the sale of tablets Xoom, Motorola revealed will use different strategies. One of them by using the way of sales from company to company.
However, the unique, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sanjay Jha said Motorola will make adoption of these methods, which will be offered the first Integration is Google.
"Why Google? Because it will use a tablet that runs with their artificial platform, not artificial pesainganya, Apple for example," Sanjay said, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (03/01/2011).
Meanwhile, he also added, inter-company sales method is more effective than the direct approach with consumers through distributors and retailers.
"In one day, we've offered our tablet to the company and sold 10 units. This shows how this method is promising," he said.
Xoom go on sale from Thursday (02/24/2011) at a price between $ 600 up to USD800
Xoom tablet with a 10.1-inch screen that runs the Android operating system, aka Honeycomb 3.0. Sanjay adds, Motorola recently acquired 3LM, a company that offers security and management solutions for the enterprise


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