Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wind Energy Smartphone Batteries

This concept accommodates the electric current with wind turbines

Aero E Wind Power Generator
SMARTPHONE - Ever heard of solar-based phone? Yes, around the middle of last year Puma Phone appear as the first smartphone equipped with solar panels. He sold limited. The concept is pretty good for a smartphone. But, if offered perhaps you will reconsider your phone to change again.

What if the solar-based technologies that emerged in the mobile phone charger? Talking about a charger or docking device, you must know the existence of solar-based chargers. Or, some of you may already have it. This is not something new. Solar panel charger is present when there is a need for rechargeable batteries of mobile phones in emergencies, or no electrical current.

This idea was quite inspiring. At least for Lance Cassidy who managed to make another concept of wind power-based mobile phone charger. By using wind turbines, the phone battery will be recharged without having to involve an electrical current.

The concept of the technology is called Aero E Wind Power Generator. Converted from wind energy into electric current is transferred wirelessly via induction. Put your phone on the pad that is available, and plug him in the window of your home. Let your neighbors be amazed by it.

This turbine wirelessly transmit power to the charging pocket, where the pad had been placed. As deposited electrical power from wind power. When you come home from where you work, you have a charger ready to use.

Later, it also created a special application for smartphone allows users to connect with their turbines from anywhere via an Internet connection. So users can track patterns of wind turbines and set when it is switched on or off.

This idea can be developed by anyone. However, this concept could become an alternative energy technology that produced massive sometime. The possibility he will be hunted by residents of an apartment house or backpacker who pockets mediocre.

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