Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nokia Phone Concepts for Future

Nokia introduce five future mobile phone concept. From relying on kinetic energy to multi-sensor mobile with a form that can be folded like a paper.

SMARTPHONES - As quoted from Neowin, these concepts are presented for the Nokia N series. Here are the details.

1. Nokia Kinetic 
Nokia Kinetic was designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins and designed using the kinetic energy with electromagnetic technology in it.
How to use it is quite fun. If there is an incoming call, the phone is lifted from the bed position to a standing position. Essence this phone will use a motion sensor. Somehow implementation.

2. Nokia Eco Sensor
This 'Green' Mobile phones is intended for users with the environmentally friendly lifestyle.

This phone has a special feature, form of information of health measurement and tools that are around us. Using certain sensors, Eco Sensors quite be attached or near in to our bodies to analyze. How to charging the batteries were only dried to the sun, because the phone takes advantage of solar cell.

3. Nokia remade

The Mobile phone similar to the Nokia Eco Sensor is intended for users 'green' character. The difference of this phone all materials derived from recycled items such as aluminum, plastic beverage bottles, the materials of used cars, and others.

Unlike other phones, Nokia remade has a small screen size, well equipped with the fingerprint.

4. Nokia Scentsory
Nokia Scentsory
The concept of this phone is the most unique because of its shape similar to the paper which able to folded. Predictably, this phone uses multi-sensor technology which allows the use of multi-layer.

When closed, this phone works just like other normal phones, use the LED screen as a marker for an incoming call. When this phone is on, feels more dynamic.

When used with the mode 'flat mode', Scentsory features LED touchpad, two screens, and stereo speakers. When opened again with the mode 'open mode', the user can use two screens, cameras, stereo speakers, scent detector, emitter, and temperature sensors.

5. Nokia 82 Dragonfly

Nokia 82 Dragonfly was designed by Reginald Hingston Shola. Impression of a dragonfly in Nokia 82 Dragonfly was felt when saw its body from the middle to the bottom that resembles the animal's body type insect.

This mobile phones has a sharp groove design and full of aesthetics, although the design is fairly simple.

Even so, Nokia 82 Dragonfly is mentioned in the design was equipped with the large screen, camera, numeric keypad, navigation mechanisms are qualified, and certainly a very unique design.

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