Saturday, April 2, 2011

Smartphone Aircell

Smartphone Aircell - the world's first smartphone which allows passengers of the aircraft can do and receive calls when the flight occurred.

LONDON - SMARTPHONES - Aircell reported has introduced a new fleet smartphone products that will allow aircraft passengers can do and receive calls when the flight occurred.

The presence of a fleet of new products made by Aircell is claimed as a fleet of the world's first smartphone that specifically support it.

According to the author, this handset is supported by the Android operating system, although not yet definitely known information about the version of the platform. in addition, the handset is also equipped with simple menus and intuitive.

"This device can provide exactly what passengers want, such as the most lucid voice handsets, most convenient and most easily seen in aviation", said Aircell Executive Vice President & General Manager, Business Aviation Services, John Wade.

"We got tremendous response from all corners of the industry towards this achievement, and we look forward to bringing it to the market later this year."

The most interesting is that this phone enables one to see the touchscreen display measuring 3.8 inches, audio jack measuring 3.5 mm that is integrated, A2DP Bluetooth support, and outstanding sound quality even in any flight conditions and is certainly thanks to the presence of a water -to-ground technology.

this Aircell smartphone is reportedly be compatible with all the Aircell Axxess communications systemflush-mounted handsets that is currently still in production. The presence of this smartphone itself is meant to replace the that have been there before. In addition, this smartphone was fully compatible with next-generation service Gogo Biz Voice which will be available soon and intended for users with in-flight Internet service (Gogo inflight Internet) and an optional voice, through a system of ATG ATG 4000 and 5000.

About availability and prices, this Aircell smartphone is reportedly soon to be released towards the end of 2011. Meanwhile the price per of Aircell smartphone unit so far still not been announced formally.

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