Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smartphone Upcoming Generation as level as PC

The era of Smartphone increasingly victorious. In fact, in a few moments longer smartphones will replace the functions of computers with the same level of performance.

SMARTPHONES - Samsung says that the next generation of smartphones will have the speed and performance as level as middle-class PCs.

According to one source at Samsung, the ranks of a new generation of smartphones will be powered by a 2GHz dual-core CPU ARM, which is effectively able to increase data processing capacity of up to 4GHz.

samsung smartphone
"We plan to release a smartphone based on CPU dual-core as level as 2GHz starting next year," said a person whose identities reluctant to be known to Maeil Business Newspaper, which quoted from TG Daily on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

"That Products later will have the ability to process data equivalent PCs in general," he added.

Indeed, there is not yet the Samsung product which have performance as level as a PC. However, This South Korean manufacturer admits is still optimizing the smartphone powered dual-core CPU, which is likely to be launch under the brand Exynos, the successor of Hummingbird.processor.

Though Samsung seems easier to create a 4GHz single-core CPU, one electronics vendors with the biggest sales in South Korea it would prefer a dual-core 2GHz CPU..

"In our opinion, dual-core CPU is better optimized on the line of smartphone product. By doing so, the smartphone could be complete the workload in a multitasking with the separate dual core facilities." the source said.

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