Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Using Processors iPad 2 ?

iPhone 5 also rumored will be the first HSPA + smartphone made ​​by Apple

SMARTPHONES - Are you one of iPhone users? We have hot news for you. From a recent analysis of fourth-generation iPhone, iPhone 5, supposedly will use the processor A5 exact same as the processor Apple iPad 2.

It was not a surprising news if you know that the iPhone 4 uses A4 as well as embedded processors, Apple's first generation of Apple iPad. However, at least it was an indication that reinforce that the iPhone 5 that he would use the A5 processor.

Although the latest OS upgrade from Apple, namely IOS 4.3, has not explicitly said to be present in the iPhone 5, mentioned in the analysis of the OS product code is N94, which according to the naming convention for the Apple device. For example, Wireless iPhone codenamed N93, while iPad 2 is K94.

And, although the A5 processor is also not explicitly mentioned, the codename that encountered in the IOS kernel 5 is S5L8940 iPhone. This further strengthens the signs that the latest generation iPhone that will use the processor 5 A5.

The presence of A5 on the iPhone processor 5 may be worrying for Samsung because of the rumors circulating the possibility of Apple iPhone will shift production of Korean firms into rivals from Taiwan, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC). And, if true iPhone upgraded the processor level becomes higher, the loss felt by Samsung will be very big.

Previously, interesting to note that the Apple iPhone 5 will be the first HSPA + devices made by Apple. Even Apple has also reportedly square off to produce the iPhone 6, which developed into the smartphone LTE.

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