Monday, March 28, 2011

Google Released the Disco Messenger

A number of parties mentioned that Disco Messenger as 'secret' application, because it does not display the name of the company' from Mountain View.

SMARTPHONES - This week, Google released the Disco Messenger, an application for the iPhone. Disco Messenger is mentioned by some as a secret application, because it does not display the name of Google.

As reported by Digital Trends, Applications Disco Messenger was released by Slide, the company wich purchased by Google in August 2010, worth USD182 million.

As Convore, textPlus or other messaging application group, Disco Messenger lets users create groups and send messages to all group members simultaneously.

Currently, Disco Messenger is only available for users of the iPhone as mobile applications, and can also be accessed via

As reported by Tech Crunch, Google spend up to USD255 thousand to buy this domain at Domainfest, last year.

According to Digital Trends that already doing trials to this new applications, Disco Messenger application is assessed as good enough and much simpler than its competitors such as GroupMe and Beluga.

However, the Disco Messenger had major shortcomings in terms of group management. To update a group, the user needs first to send a message to the Disco with the name and phone number.

This group settings can also be done through the official website of Disco, which is actually much more simple rather than doing it via phone.

Disco Messenger application is provided in the App Store but it is not yet available in the Android version

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