Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rumors About iPhone 5

The latest rumor about the iPhone 5 just will be present at the beginning of October, even in early 2012. Not in June 2011.

SMARTPHONES - Some time ago have been circulating news about the iPhone 5 will be introduced on June 6, 2011, and will be produced around the beginning of July 2011.

According to Apple's senior vice president, Philip Schiller, in announcing the event World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, Tuesday. Event held on 6-10 June 2011 believed to be utilized to introduce Apple iPhone 5. However, speech Schiller makes some parties doubt it.

"At this year's conference, we will introduce the IOS and Mac OS future," said Schiller was quoted by the Telegraph on Wednesday (30/03/2011).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Factory of RIM in Indonesia Not Affect Prices of BlackBerry

Can the plan to build BlackBerry factory in India capable of pressing the smart phones output prices Research In Motion (RIM), particularly in Indonesia?

As reported previously, RIM is reportedly considering to plan for build a the BlackBerry in India.

If discourse is realized, India will become the first country in the Asia Pacific that have RIM manufacturing facilities.

The news raise again about speculation of RIM plant in Indonesia, after the two sides had reached an agreement related business development issues pornographic content and data centers in Southeast Asia.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo) has said will not 'talkative' urges RIM to build a plant in Indonesia. Moreover, the BlackBerry plant in Indonesia is believed to not be able to suppress the price of BlackBerry units.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Google Released the Disco Messenger

A number of parties mentioned that Disco Messenger as 'secret' application, because it does not display the name of the company' from Mountain View.

SMARTPHONES - This week, Google released the Disco Messenger, an application for the iPhone. Disco Messenger is mentioned by some as a secret application, because it does not display the name of Google.

As reported by Digital Trends, Applications Disco Messenger was released by Slide, the company wich purchased by Google in August 2010, worth USD182 million.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

BlackBerry in the World Reached 52.3 Million Units

blackberry 9000 bold
SMARTPHONES - According to the latest performance report Research In Motion (RIM), the number of BlackBerry in the world reached 52.3 million units

During the fiscal year ended in February 26, 2011, revenues increased 33 percent, from U.S. $ 15 billion to $ 19.9 billion (equivalent to Rp173 trillion). The wheel of RIM business continues to spin along with the high market demand for the smartphones.

During the last quarter alone, revenue BlackBerry vendor is still relatively positive. RIM still recorded a growth although only one percent from the previous quarter, from $ 5.5 billion to $ 5.6 billion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FaceChat, Chat on the BlackBerry Device

FaceChat is an application made ​​by The Jared Company. FaceChat called a mini, because only 371 KB size.

SMARTPHONES - for those of you who always wanted to exist on Facebook, may have to try an application called FaceChat this on the BlackBerry device. By using this application, you can freely chat handsets.

FaceChat via BlackBerry

FaceChat is an application made ​​by The Jared Company. FaceChat called a mini, because only 371 KB size.

Monday, March 21, 2011

HTC 3D Will be Released at the End of The Year


Quoted from Pocket-Lint, Sunday (03/20/2011). HTC is rumored to be launching the 3D smart phones before the end of this year or early next year.

SMARTPHONES - This step was taken in response to the LG 3D Optimus ,which received tremendous response at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 2011.

According to various sources, devices of HTC 3D will be lighter, thinner and cheaper than the Optimus 3D.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 Most Popular Laptop Brands on the Internet

apple laptop

The surprise news was even well-known brands such as Samsung and Acer did not get into the 10 most popular laptop brands on the Internet

SMARTPHONES - Design and reliability of Apple laptops are always more acceptable than other products on the Internet. However, it does not mean Windows-based laptops are not good received on the internet.

The surprise news was even well-known brands such as Samsung and Acer did not get into the 10 most popular laptop brands on the Internet.

Apple has always been at the top and become a hot topic discussed because it can satisfy the consumer. Although the difference in price to similar products Apple is relatively expensive, especially when compared to similar laptops, but, with Apple, consumers are guaranteed satisfaction.

Apple became the most popular the laptop brands on the internet as many sites talk about their innovative products, such as on the Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Premium Sony Vaio laptop recognized a similarity with the Mac, in the performance and graphics. Therefore, Sony Vaio often touted 'Mac of Windows'. Reasonable course, if this product is listed in the top three.

Here are 10 MOST POPULAR LAPTOP BRANDS on the internet, published by Amplicat

Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Using Processors iPad 2 ?

iPhone 5 also rumored will be the first HSPA + smartphone made ​​by Apple

SMARTPHONES - Are you one of iPhone users? We have hot news for you. From a recent analysis of fourth-generation iPhone, iPhone 5, supposedly will use the processor A5 exact same as the processor Apple iPad 2.

It was not a surprising news if you know that the iPhone 4 uses A4 as well as embedded processors, Apple's first generation of Apple iPad. However, at least it was an indication that reinforce that the iPhone 5 that he would use the A5 processor.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wind Energy Smartphone Batteries

This concept accommodates the electric current with wind turbines

Aero E Wind Power Generator
SMARTPHONE - Ever heard of solar-based phone? Yes, around the middle of last year Puma Phone appear as the first smartphone equipped with solar panels. He sold limited. The concept is pretty good for a smartphone. But, if offered perhaps you will reconsider your phone to change again.

What if the solar-based technologies that emerged in the mobile phone charger? Talking about a charger or docking device, you must know the existence of solar-based chargers. Or, some of you may already have it. This is not something new. Solar panel charger is present when there is a need for rechargeable batteries of mobile phones in emergencies, or no electrical current.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPhone 5 Start Production in Early July 2011

Blog from Japan recently leaked images of white iPhone uses five colored aluminum material to replace the rear glass is used on the iPhone 4

iphone 5 image

SMARTPHONE - CALIFORNIA - The presence of the successor to the iPhone 4 will likely become a reality.

The reason, a source said, the iPhone is currently fifth in the production process, which would soon be done.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Google Making CDMA Smartphone?

Working together with Google's open opportunity to sell Samsung CDMA smartphone in China.

google nexus
Google introduced a smartphone second, Google Nexus S, as a successor Google Nexus One, last December. Although rushed, newer smartphone Google it successfully launched before year-end holiday season.

Recently, rumors circulated that said Google was preparing CDMA smartphone. Although many CDMA-based Android smartphone in the market, it appears that giant Mountain View was optimistic with the CDMA market and would not stay long trapped in the GSM camp.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Apple's iPhone Prepare to Launch on Low Price

iphone 3G browsing internetApple's iPhone is reportedly preparing to launch a cheaper version of the regular iPhone.
According to a Bloomberg report, the iPhone will have a size smaller than usual size of the iPhone. Therefore, he will have the name iPhone Mini.
Posture iPhone Mini is, the amount of two-thirds the size of the current iPhone. Of course, the price will be cheaper than before, which is about U.S. $ 200.
As quoted from PCWorld, Mini iPhone handset will use a dual SIM card that enables it to walk on two networks, GSM and CDMA. In addition, this phone also does not have the Home button as in the previous iPhone.Apple's move is an effort to compete with their smart phones Google Android platform at a low price.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Motorola Will Offer a Xoom to Google

Motorola XoomSMARTPHONE - In the sale of tablets Xoom, Motorola revealed will use different strategies. One of them by using the way of sales from company to company.
However, the unique, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sanjay Jha said Motorola will make adoption of these methods, which will be offered the first Integration is Google.
"Why Google? Because it will use a tablet that runs with their artificial platform, not artificial pesainganya, Apple for example," Sanjay said, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (03/01/2011).